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About Us

The Real Medicine Foundation was founded in May 2005 inspired by lessons we learned after working for months in the Asian Tsunami relief efforts. Real Medicine Foundation provides humanitarian support to people living in disaster and poverty stricken areas, and continues to help communities long after the world’s spotlight has faded. We believe that ‘real’ medicine is focused on the person as a whole by providing medical/physical, emotional, economic and social support. By using a personal approach, Real Medicine forms partnerships with individuals and existing organizations throughout the world, allowing us to create effective models and sustainable solutions that can be applied globally.

RMF’s first years after inception were characterized by emergency responses to the succession of natural disasters in 2005 and 2006. It was our experience gained in the field that laid the foundation for what drives the organization today and that gave birth to our flexible and sustainable in-country strategies.

Based on today's best practice Modern Medicine, RMFutilizes a Comprehensive Integrative Health Care Model. Once survival and immediate health care needs are addressed, we establish mobile and stationary health clinics employing regional staff and tailoring them to local needs. Using these clinics as hubs, we implement additional modules of care that address the priority needs of the region being served. Programs such as Maternal Child Healthcare, Malnutrition Eradication, HIV/AIDS Care, Malaria Treatment and Prevention, and Microfinance and Livelihood projects are introduced to build on the existing infrastructure already in place. These programs, addressing some of the developing world's most important issues, such as Maternal and Infant Mortality, Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Malnutrition are part of Real Medicine's commitment to treating the whole person. By staying for the longer term and by working with local staff and resources, we ensure long term sustainability, local ownership and health care capacity building. At home in the US, Real Medicine Foundation conducts healthcare and education outreach programs, and has provided aid to Hurricane Katrina survivors.

Real Medicine Foundation’s vision is to move beyond traditional humanitarian aid programs by creating long-term solutions to health care and poverty related issues, focusing on development and capacity building. By empowering people and providing them with the necessary resources, we pave the way for communities to become strong and self-sufficient.

In just five years, Real Medicine Foundation has grown to operate in 15 countries in four continents and has aligned with governments, international agencies, including the UN, to reach those most in need. Real Medicine Foundation is a US based non-profit public charity 501(c)(3), headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with offices and partners all over the world. Real Medicine is also in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council as of August 2011