Mastermind Foundation (NGO)

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About Us

Welcome to Mastermind foundation, a non-profit organization that was incepted during April 1999 by Lakshmi Rajan, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Mastermind Foundation with the following goals in mind:

To bring happiness and positive attitude in work and life

To enhance the inter personal relationship among the employees in an organization

To improve the leadership and motivation qualities of the employees to achieve the organizational goal

To help the students in their education

We in Mastermind Foundation, provide a variety of psychological and emotional services to people of all ages. At Mastermind Foundation, our focus is on establishing a positive approach towards life and work. Our areas of speciality include the following:

Stress management – Coping skills, relaxation training, and lifestyle changes

Relationship issues – Family, employer & employee, Family, insecure feelings

Women’s issues – Work-life balance, Self and body image, relationships, Insecurity in marital relationship

Anxiety disorders – All types of phobia special focus on social phobia, Sudden shocks, Post-traumatic stress disorder

We conduct various workshops related to “stress management”, “Personality development”, “Time Management”, “Crisis Management”, “Labour issues” and all types of HR related problems. The solution for all management issues is under one roof called “MASTERMIND FOUNDATION”.

As a non-profit organization, we conduct FREE workshops to prisoners in jail, Patients in hospitals, gifted children, orphanages and various non profit institutions who wish to spread happiness around the world.