P3 Ambiental

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Apartado 114, Paraje de Oscayar

About Us

The P3 Ambiental Association is an international non-profit organisation established in 2017. It was created to promote action against fly-tipping, provide training and education to promote a civic culture, respectful of the environment and knowledgeable in reducing, reusing and recycling their domestic and industrial waste by and the use and improvement of established waste recovery routes and organised cleanup and educational campaigns.

The P3 Ambiental Association involves different entities concerned with achieving a natural environment, free of pollution generated by improperly managed waste and is open to collaborating with all, public and private entities, as well as individuals, who participate in the aims of the Association.

The P3 Ambiental Association, created by a group of individuals focused on the need to achieve and maintain a clean environment, is open to all who wish to contribute to this end and has as its main founding purpose of contributing to the information and education of society in the problem of fly-tipping and incorrect waste management.