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About Us


Tiny Stars is a non-government agency dedicated to working with US Federal Law Enforcement gathering evidence to prosecute extreme human rights abusers.


To fund hundreds of full time agents through Covert Intelligence Service (CIS).

Covert Intelligence Service (CIS) is a network of former field officers from CIA, NSA, KGB, Delta Force and other investigators willing to work directly with US Federal Agencies to stop human rights abusers. CIS has created a one-off system that has been instrumental in many extreme abuse cases. A unique funding model allows private citizens to pay to be trained by elite operatives. CIS hosts trainings in exotic locations around the world. For $10,000 civilians are offered experience based adventure travel and are trained by former CIA operatives. Clients may then travel with agents in Bond/Bourne style but on a live and very real mission. The experience of a lifetime. Tiny Stars mission is to hire as many agents as possible to work full time for our organization to create an active response rather than just advocacy and education.**


Tiny Stars was started in 2000 to build a network of undercover agents to bring extreme human rights abusers to justice. After years of public awareness campaigns and education around the world, Tiny Stars' goal has focused on finding innovative ways to fund as many agents as possible. Tiny Stars has worked directly with Federal Law Enforcement to help stop human rights abusers and with your help we will form a very large team of investigators. Go to our Cases page to read more about some of the cases we have been involved with. We will continue to spread awareness and educate the public but our main objective will always be to fund investigations.