Second Chance MIssion

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401 So. 42nd Street
United States

About Us

Second Chance MIssin began helping the homeless to become whole again by providing Spiritual, Education, Social Skills, and Job prepartion. Ove the years because of the ecomy we have change our mission by helping people of all walks of life because that is just what thappen. Our Meals now have become community meals, as well as our Holiday Meals. We serve anywhere from 50-over hundre people at our meals. We offer a Literacy Program that allow adults to prepare for their

GED. In additon we offer a basic and advance computer classes. These are all free and held to help people get employment or move to another level in thier jobs. We continue to strive to help those in our communites get a holostic care. Beginning 2012 we will open our food center, which will operate as go between pays. This we belive will prevent hunger in our communites and children can be fed. We also hope to launch our new training to work program, through this program we hoped to encourange people to look for differnt careers by getting new skills.