Golden Colombia Foundation

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About Us

We started five years ago as a norwegian foundation interested in improving Colombia´s image abroad to strengthen cultural and economic links between Colombia and the world. Two years ago we established our office in Bogota historical centre to increase our activities.

Among the projects we have:

A big campaigne called -website- to raise awareness of the impact of cocaine consumption in Colombia in terms of culture, education and poverty, in general the social impacts of supporting such a big bussiness.

A project involving young people in Norway that increases knowledge about the Amazon: a writing contest about this rainforest that is gonna end with the trip of three norwegian students to get to know our country and specifically the Amazon. The project also brings together articles regarding how biodiversity is being affected by agriculture, mining, coca crops and settlements.

A collaboration with colombian ngo´s working with children: we help their projects in diverse ways -donations, volunteer people-.