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About Us

Fit Week Foundation host DC Fit Week. It is a free week focusing on mental, nutritional, physical & financial fitness! Our mission is to motivate people to make lasting changes, while eliminating excuses.

We focus on four genres in the Health and Wellness field:

Financial Fitness – Just as the mind and body need constant attention to stay healthy, the same goes for finances. It starts with understanding “money disorders” and then working to make improvements. Mental Fitness – Everything is a choice. It all starts with ideas and thoughts but the participants must first expose the misinformation surrounding our food supply, our finances, our physical, and our nutritional needs to be able to reveal their true, beautiful, and authentic selves. And that’s what the week will offer for those who attend; they can gain access to professionals who will offer their time for free to assist in changing the way they think about short-term goals to help keep them motivated and long term goals that will inspire them to achieve great milestones. Physical Fitness – Taking care of one's body is one of our ultimate responsibilities as stewards of this wonderful planet. The choices you make regarding what you eat and how you move directly affect the land, air, water ...and you. Nutritional Fitness – We’ll break down the barriers surrounding false ideas about diet, food choices, and personal well-being. Participants will be shown a whole new idea and approach to food and how it can change the world around them. We will offer free cooking classes, seminars, and a symposium on Health and Nutrition. “Change happens, and it begins at the end of your fork.” – Chad Hamilton