Making Waves Education Program

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About Us

Making Waves Education Program is an organization designed to ensure that urban children, living in economically depressed communities, acquire the skills necessary to gain acceptance to and graduate from four-year colleges and universities. Students begin our program (in Richmond and San Francisco) in the fifth grade and continue through their senior year in high school. We provide tutorial and tuition assistance to ensure our students' success.

We believe that all children have unique gifts and tremendous promise. However, some encounter monumental barriers as they struggle to develop their potential — including, but not limited to, access to adequate housing, healthcare, employment, and education. Making Waves exists to address the last of these through the design and implementation of programs that increase a child’s access to equal educational opportunities.

Data analysis indicates that the primary predictor for the kind of life an urban child-at-risk will lead as a youth and as an adult, is the level and quality of educational preparation she or he receives. Through Making Waves’ rigorous curriculum, our students receive the critical educational training necessary to help improve their overall quality of life today and in the future.