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About Us

SOHO - Sparks Of Happiness Onlus


it's a no profit organisation founded in July 2014. SOHO aims to raise founds in order to support disadvantaged facilities in the Second and the Third World. We are currently helping one orphanage and two day care centers. We also organise volunteer missions in the countries where we operate. 

What we also do...

At SOHO, we firmly believe that a volunteer's mission is not to change the hosting community's culture and traditions, even if they may semm weird and strange to a Western person, but to integrate themselves in that culture and environment to become a means of new points of views and values, from wich the hosting community can benefit.

Giving a new perspective on the world can help people see problems from another point of view and find solutions that at first were simply unconceivable. Moreover, helping someone does not mean that they are at a lower level simply because they need help. It means to be by their side when they need it, without taking a dominating position.



we organize volunteer experiences in places that we support...


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When you want to go for a volunteer experience abroad you are overwhelmed by questions, like where, when, but especially with which association.

Soho's staff has an extensive experience in both national and international volunteer projects. This no-profit association was created on the basis of those values we think every volunteer association should share.

This is why taking part in Soho's volunteer programs is guaranteed to be a high quality experience. We are driven by the purest principles. Please find below the reasons why you should join us:


​​> SAFETY: Every project has been previously tested by our staff. We choose our local partners, accommodations and centers very carefully.


> TRANSPARENCY: We guarantee a complete transparency as far as our sponsors and volunteers are concerned. The volunteer is requested to pay for their own food and accommodation and some transport facilities during their stay. Everything is documented with invoices that we provide to the family or the center that receive the donation.


> COMPETENCE: Soho's staff is made up of people who lived similar kinds of volunteer experiences in the past and know very well the countries in which we operate. Our goal is to provide the best service at the lowest price..

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