Pathway To Hope, Inc

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520 S. Harrison #206
United States

About Us

We support people struggling with mental illness by empowering individuals and families through education.

We strive to consistently execute weekly support groups and E3 educational courses that provide easy access to information and comfort for anyone impacted by mental health issues so that we are the recognized name in Johnson County, KS with the reputation for breaking down stigmas and building up hope and well being for everyone. 

Weekly Groups are called Courage Groups. {IN}Courage for those with lived experience with mental illness and {En}Courage for loved ones, care givers and supporters. Our E3 Course is and 8 week course designed to Encourage • Educate • Empower anyone who desires to better understand the nuances of living with persistent and/or severe mental illness, improve communication skills and offer meaningful support to someone living in this reality. 

Pathway To Hope acts as a supportive landlord for residents of the Blake House, a home that supports up to six residents who are stable in their illness and pro-active in their recovery. Residents pay one fee for all housing related expenses and live in a family like setting, learning life skills through cooking, daily chores and building relationships, while enjoying an independent lifestyle.