Bronx Community College Office of Academic Affairs

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About Us

The Bronx Community College Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for all instructional activities at the college, including academic advisement, the Library and Gerald S. Lieblich Learning Resources Center and the Evening/Week-End Office, as well as many college-wide programs and grant funded programs.

The Vice President of Academic affairs has the authority to waive certain fees and curriculum requirements when warranted. In addition, the VP is the final arbiter of complaints, after all parties involved have been consulted and a thorough review has occurred.

The OAA is responsible for ensuring curricular program compliance with the standards and policies of the New York State Department of Education, the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York and various national accrediting agencies. Activites of the office focus on curriculum development and improvement, the creation of new programs, the appointment/reappointment of faculty and faculty development.

Under the College-wide governance Plan, the OAA is represented on the following college-wide committees:

Senate Executive Committee College Senate Committee on Instruction and Professional Development Committee on Academic Standing Curriculum Committee Committee on Governance and Elections College Calendar