Liberian Foundation for Empowerment & Sustainable Development

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About Us

Liberian Foundation for Empowerment and Sustainable Development- LFESD is a local non governmental and Not-For-Profit Organization with the mission to empower rural and urban poor women and small scale farmers and their communities so that they can develop more sustainable food and farming systems and rural livelihoods to end extreme poverty, hunger (food insecurity),enabling them to become self-reliant to take charge of their own development agenda  to build better future for their children,families and communities to make Liberia better. 

At LFESD, we also promote skills training,education and  gender equality and inspire the participation of women and youth into agriculture as one of the most readily available means of diversifying opportunities to hasten economic growth and poverty reduction in Liberia.

The empowerment of underprivileged people with skills, knowledge, education and the right tools to change their lives and make a difference in their families and communities is the main focus of  Liberian Foundation for Empowerment and Sustainable Development(LFESD) projects.

”When you give a man a fish and fee him for a day is not sufficient to free him from poverty, hunger and dependency syndrome but when you TEACH a man to fish for himself then you have fed him for lifetime” Then you have provided a safe avenue and empowerment, enabling him to become  self-reliant and self-supporting to transform his life and families to make a great difference. This is our principle for successful living and transformation to guarantee sustainable development.

Therefore, we invite you to join us and give your kind support.

We are under the obligation to account for your support and donation and other resources in a most effective and transparent way.

By supporting LFESD initiatives in Liberia, then you have put children in school, provided food and nutrition security, provided self-employment and economic opportunities and contributing to building  better  Liberia.