Conserve Natural Forests

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About Us

Conserve Natural Forests is a non-profit organisation dedicated to combatting deforestation and conserving endangered species, particularly the Asian Elephant. CNF envisions a planet where passionate human beings engage in environmental conservation so that biodiversity is preserved and elephants can once again roam the forests, free from the grips of abusive tourism. We reproduce different species including birds, reptiles, tortoises, and elephants. We also run a large permaculture project where we use aqua phonic techniques amongst other modern sustainable farming methods to produce a large variety of products. The aim of this is to engage in community education and speak with local farmers about how to make a living without damaging our environment. 

We also opened our doors to our Conservation Project Site, home of two rescued elephants. The aim of this is to promote ecotourism in the area, as well as reproduce the elephants and eventually reintroduce them back into the wild.