Mahesh Foundation

  • Karnataka

About Us

Mahesh Foundation is a not-for-profit (NGO) working for enriching the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS, by providing shelter to the orphans and inspiring older patients to fight the decease through various initiatives. We have been operating in the Belagavi district since 2010.  

Our mission is to provide a healthy & nurturing environment for the Physical, Psychological & Emotional growth of Children afflicted with HIV/AIDS and ensure their Education along with adequate Medical and Social support. 

Ongoing Projects: Currently Mahesh Foundation has the following programs.

i)  Ashakiran (Ray of Hope), a shelter for 40 HIV+ orphans

ii)  Nutrition support to about 350 HIV children

iii) Aadhar Village, providing free healthcare, energy solutions and educational support to slums in Belagavi

iv) Education Support to about 1800 underprivileged children.

v)  Gokak Care and Support Centre for providing health services and social connectivity to HIV affected and infected people in Gokak Taluk.

vi)  Aadhar Mahila Udyog is a project that provides livelihood to women from the nearby slums. Sixteen women from impoverished families have acquired skills to make bags and are gainfully employed providing direct relief to entire families. 

vii) Utkarsha Learning Center: A school for underprivileged children that provides education in a suitable manner for first generation school goers. We have about 50 children from a nearby slum that benefit from this program.