Joseph & Sarah Caring for Vets, Inc.

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PO Box 43792
United States

About Us

Joseph and Sarah Caring for Vets, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide transitional housing and referral services for homeless veteran, that are located in the metro Atlanta area. In an effort to assist ending homelessness among the veterans our organization strives to assist our fellow veterans in obtaining permanent housing, employment and life skills training. Joseph and Sarah Caring for Vets intends to extend a helping hand and give direction to veterans who are addressing the challenges of homelessness, dealing with substance abuse, medical illness, cognitive impairment, unemployment or other life skills needs.

Our goal is to reach as many homeless veterans in the Metro Atlanta area, and to bring that growing number to zero.

We believe that every Veteran that has sacrificed their lives for this great nation, to ensure its freedom should not be without a home.

We are a group of retired, former, and current veterans who feel that it’s time for us to serve our fellow brothers and sisters who are homeless.

When a Veteran comes to us, we will marry them with the right partner that fits and meet their needs. We will continue to monitor and be their support.

We believe that no veteran should ever go hungry and without a place to rest.

We express our love and dedication through work and helping our fellow brothers and sisters in need.