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About Us

H2All LLC is a start up company based in downtown San Diego. Our mission is to bring access to clean W-A-T-E-R to those who do not have it. In time, we aspire to be the leading charity focused on eliminating the worldwide water crisis that affects over 780 million people. Our business plan is centered around fundraising, product branding, and building strategic partnership in all industries that use clean W-A-T-E-R (that's just about every industry we can think of).

As we grow, we hope to partner with other companies that will expand and grow with us. Our company, employees, and all those that support H2All's vision, know that the work we do will ultimately serve to eliminate the clean water crisis. Strategic partnerships will generate the largest source of income, which H2All will use to further the mission of building and implementing clean water projects across the globe, both internationally and domestically.