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About Us

The Gender Progress Consortium is an international consortium of experts committed to progress in women’s issues, improving their role, status, access to advocacy and support, while empowering and expanding their opportunities, specifically in the areas of economics, business, education, healthcare, environmental sustainability and human rights.

The GPC seeks to serve in the creation and submission of reports and provision of expert knowledge on these subjects to bolster the cause of gender progress in all of the below and their related areas.

The mission of the Gender Progress Consortium is to provide an independent, diverse, and internationally representative source of gender progress advocates, supporting, challenging, facilitating, and empowering the work of domestic and international NGOs, government agencies, the international business community, international financial institutions, and the United Nations.

The Gender Progress Consortium represents a new approach to advancing public policy.

Instead of operating as an activist organization itself, it represents activist organizations around the world by creating a single representative body for organizations which share the value of gender progress, empowerment and the advancement of humanity as a whole.

The GPC is a global “umbrella” organization, encapsulating the vast range of NGOs, government agencies, corporations, university departments, and think-tanks, as well as individual experts, academics, campaigners, businesspeople, development practitioners, policy-makers, leaders, activists, funders, researchers, as well as many others.

In this sense, it is a membership and network organization committed to achieving women’s empowerment and thus gender progress, sustainable lifestyles, and human rights. It has attracted immediate and widespread attention, and activated a powerful global network of advocates, organizations, and movements from around the world.

Founded in 2011, the Gender Progress Consortium is the world’s first and only global platform for women’s issues, advancing networking, cooperation and exchange between advocates, governments, organizations, and movements.