Santa Cruz Hillel

  • CA


Santa Cruz
United States

About Us

Santa Cruz Hillel is a home away from home for Jewish students at the University of California Santa Cruz. We seek to provide a vibrant and welcoming community, regardless of knowledge or background.

Hillel's mission is to enrich the lives of Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.

Our goal is to share our Jewish values and experiences to positively enhance campus culture through our partnerships, presence on campus and in the community.

At Santa Cruz Hillel, we do this by:

  • Embodying Jewish values through Jewish learning, teaching, traditions, and action;
  • Developing relationships to engage Jewish students and facilitating meaningful Jewish experiences;
  • Drawing upon Hillel resources, mentorship, and guidance to grow as leaders, create innovative and impactful programming, and further Hillel as a learning organization; and
  • Cultivating a Jewish community that is caring, diverse, pluralistic, welcoming and actively inclusive.