Huerto de la Familia

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About Us

Huerto de la Familia offers Latino families a place to connect to our roots and the earth by growing our own food, as well as training and peer education in organic gardening, small scale farming and small business creation.  We build wide-ranging partnerships to achieve our goals of cultural identity, community integration and economic self-sufficiency in the Latino community.

We envision a future where all generations of Latinos in our community are strongly connected with our roots and our present-day home.  All Latinos, regardless of income, enjoy good health because we are connected with traditional foods and cultural heritage. With food as a bond, we are connected to each other and to the wider community.

 In this future, our wider community is truly multicultural and proud of its diversity. The Latino population is valued as an asset to the whole community: as environmental stewards, role models, and a vital source of labor, goods and services that benefit everyone.  Latinos have a “place at the table” in terms of fair access to resources and decision-making power. We control assets that generate wealth, and are economically self-sufficient. We feel safe and that we truly belong.