YoungLives Metro Richmond

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About Us

Mission Statement

“In loving teens where they are, we hope to help them develop skills to be responsible moms by setting goals, teaching Boundaries and growing in Christ."

Vision Statement

Our YoungLives vision is to reach pregnant teens and teen moms in the Metro Richmond Area for the Glory of god, using the Young Life model of introducing teenagers to Jesus Christ.

What is YoungLives?

YoungLives is an organization that provides the traditional Young Life experiences of Club, Campaigners, and Camp for teen moms while also matching the teens with a mature Christian woman who serves as a mentor to help support, guide, and encourage them through this unique and often challenging times in their life. The mentors are able to share Christ's love and compassion with the girls while also walking with them through the challenges of being a teen mother.

Making an Impact

YoungLives holds monthly meetings that focus on the needs of teenage moms and their children. Our goal is to impact this generation and the next.

One of the most important roles in YoungLives is that of our mentors. They meet with teen moms one-on-one or in a group setting. They are women who share the mission of YoungLives and wish to make a difference in the life of a teenage mom.

Each summer the girls and the volunteers have attended YoungLivesCamp. They bring their babies with them and enjoy a variety of camp experiences. Childcare volunteers take care of the children so that the girls can participate in a variety of fun activities.