Not Another Child, Inc.

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593 Vanderbilt Ave.
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About Us

NOT ANOTHER CHILD is a Not for Profit organization established in August 2006 in loving memory of Andrell D. Napper. Andrell was a popular New York teen that was ironically a double victim of gun violence. The second incident resulted in his tragic & untimely death. One of the young men that plead guilty in Andrell’s murderer was 15 years old at the time and was recruited by a 32-year-old to retaliate the murder of his loved one; an incident that had nothing to do with Andrell. NAC is founded under the premise that they will not let another child to be manipulated and prostituted to do the work of another individual and that another child’s life will be taken before their time. Oresa Napper-Williams, Andrell’s mother is survived to make a positive change...a change in choices, a change in lifestyle and a change in outcomes.