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"Our Mission is to help the War Victims of Nicaragua"                                                 "Don't forget the forgotten" Our goal is to help soldiers, women and children that still suffer damaged lives from the act of the war. The United States waged war on Nicaragua throughout most of the 1980s. The aim was to destabilize and eventually bring down the revolutionary Sandinista government that had won control of the country in 1979. The so-called "low intensity" warfare targeted civilians and public infrastructure--schools, medical clinics, and agricultural cooperatives. Attacks were intended to frighten and terrorize civilians, especially those who supported the Sandinistas. The war inflicted profound damage on the people and economy of the country, and the impacts of the violence have been lasting. Three decades later, the population is still recovering from the physical and emotional scars it left and the damage to the economy. Many Nicaraguans still struggle to overcome permanent injuries, and to fight for basic subsistence with little hope that their children will have adequate education, health care, or even basic nutrition. I Eddy Castaneda lived this warfare, lost two brothers and friends. I now want to help the people that have suffered so badly. “Help these people today so they can have hope tomorrow.” Thank you, Founder of “War Victims of Nicaragua”. . We need to help with medical expenses, equipment, for wounded.  . Help the widows that have nothing, that live in extreme poverty. . Children that suffer now, from the country that never fully regained itself.  . Help with nutrition programs, education, water project, solar power, work programs.