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About Us

We are dedicated to working with women and youth living in extreme poverty together with their families and communities in Uganda to help them reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty, hunger and diseases.

We restore their confidence and dignity, stimulate their capacity to dream and connect them to opportunities.


Empowerment For the Poor –Uganda (EFPU) exists to build the capacity of unprivileged women and youth to overcome their socio-economic barriers in their families and communities by enhancing their business and entrepreneurship competency, creating for them opportunities in agriculture productivity and value addition as well as enabling them to access education and health.



Our work supports women and youth in rural areas with trainings in business and entrepreneur skills, value addition, branding, packaging and market research. Beneficiaries are supported with mini-loans to start business ventures; we also promote agriculture for nutrition and business as well as increasing access to health services and education opportunities to women and youth respectively.


We empower the youth in schools and out of schools with 21st century skills and business/employability skills to enable them become business leaders at an early age as well as giving women safe spaces to interact and connect with business minded women, business leaders, social innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals in order to leverage from their technical expertise, market connections and mentorship.


 Women and Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship.

It is a common practice for women in Africa to depend entirely on men in providing for their families which increases their dependence and vulnerability, we believe that when a woman is given strength and dignity,she is able to impact her family and community. Also, with a current Ugandan population of 40 Million and about 75% below the age of 30, it is estimated that 25,000 young people will be joining the labor force every week by 2020. Our work therefore focuses at connecting women and youth to entrepreneurship skills, resources and social capital. We aspire to build a network of youth and women entrepreneurs and innovators who come out to break the shackles of poverty and dependency. Our desire is to make a big difference in the world so we choose the path of making a positive contribution to humanity. Under this program, we conduct trainings in business and entrepreneurship for women and youth especially those in schools where we empower job creators and business leaders for tomorrow by training them in skills of the 21st century and business/employability skills which changes the mindset and attitudes of the youth and prepare them to succeed in today’s economy.

The program also builds safe spaces for women and youth for connection, innovation and transformation. We organize activities around entrepreneurship growth where we draw together talented entrepreneurs, industry leaders and social innovators with youth and women to leverage from their high skills. We then ignite their innovative and critical thinking skills to come up with solutions to solve community problems. For example, small scale businesses, Art and Craft, 

school youth have been engaged in the production of portraits, bangles, earrings, belts, tie and die, bags, necklaces, mats, baskets, pots using local materials. small shops, bakeries, restaurants, hotels; construction projects and small to medium scale agriculture projects creating local food production, addressing food security We believe that every unprivileged youth and woman has the potential to succeed when supported to get the right knowledge; resources and networking opportunities. We believe in building their capacity and make for them linkages that lead to transformation of their lives.