A New Creation Bakery

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About Us

A New Creation Bakery is a social enterprise all about transforming lives and developing the community of Inwood and Washington Heights. We strive to develop the untapped potential in these communities, and help them get out of poverty and unemployment by equipping them with a specific set of skills in the food industry.

The idea of a bakery with a social mission came from Jewel Jones (more affectionately known as Mr. Jones). Mr. Jones is the manager of the Love Kitchen, a soup kitchen that serves hundreds of meals to the homeless in the community of Inwood every day. He envisioned a bakery that will not only serve as a source of revenue for the soup kitchen, but will also provide training and employment for people living under the poverty line in the community. He wanted to do more for the people he was serving. He wanted to get to the root of the poverty problem.

Captured by this vision, Derrick and a bunch of super talented people started working to make this a reality. Teaming up with Mr. Jones, they created a line of baked goods that resonates Mr. Jones' love for the people and his heart to see lives change in the community.

Eat a cupcake. Develop the untapped potential. Fund a soup kitchen. Changing lives one bite at a time.