Micro Insurance Academy e.V., Bonn

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About Us

The Micro Insurance Academy e.V. was founded as a non-profit organisation in Bonn in 2011. This organization supplements the activities of the Micro Insurance Academy office based in Delhi (set up in 2007) by increasing the outreach to Asia and Africa. It is currently involved in a variety of countries in Asia and Africa working on different models of microinsurance schemes. MIA e.V. has introduced a new concept for building local microinsurance capacity through a resource centre partnership approach. The first centre following this approach is supported in Cambodia.

MIA’s expertise in microinsurance covers health and agriculture as well as other areas of insurance and has been harnessed to support a variety of stakeholders in insurance from small-scale health mutuals to governments. Although the vast majority of MIA’s work has been built in the area of health, MIA is dedicated to making insurance solutions work for the poor and has a flexible approach unconstrained by a preference for specific insurance models.