Homeless Helping Homeless, Inc.

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106 E. Floribraska Ave.
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About Us

HHH's mission is to provide emergency shelter to anyone, who is in a distressed situation.

HHH is a an emergency shelter provider in Tampa, FL. It is a  501(c)(3) licensed corporation. Our CH number is 32900) and we have been in operation since 2009. Our focus revolves around the chronically homeless. In addition, HHH assists individuals, who have no job, money or do not fit the criteria for public assistance. 

Adolphus Parker, the Founder, felt it was his personal responsibility to do something about the dreadful homeless situation of people sleeping in the street. He realized that despite bad choices in addition to  mental and addiction issues etc., homeless people still needed shelter.

It was Mr. Parker's belief that if the homeless individuals were given the opportunity and empowered, they could do something not only for themselves but for many others.

The Founder believed in a counterintuitive concept of an organization that would be controlled and operated by the homeless clients themselves.

HHH is unique in three ways: 1) It is the only organization literally controlled and operated by all homeless clients, 2) The HHH Board of Directors is made up of former clients, meaning you have to be a former HHH client to sit on the Board of Directors and 3) HHH has a program that gives qualified clients the opportunity to become entrepreneurs.

In the future, HHH hopes to see a Homeless Bill of Rights, as well as, a Homeless Right to Housing nationwide. (We realize, of course, there will be thousands of chronically homeless individuals, who will fall between the cracks, even with a Bill of Rights and Right to Housing. For this reason, HHH embraces a system, which was our original area of focus, designed for homeless individuals, who can't get it right.)

Our vision is to shift the paradigm of society's mindset, which is the belief that homeless individuals are unreliable, unproductive and so on. At HHH, the homeless literally help the homeless on a day-to-day basis, which underscores the organization's tagline: Empowerment at its core.