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About Us

The café philo is a recent social practice of philosophy, although in the French tradition of literary cafes of the Enlightenment from the 18th. It developed in France since 1992, when Marc Sautet launched Formula coffee Lighthouse Place de la Bastille in Paris.

This is a meeting about two hours when, after the launch of an issue chosen by voting on the time from the proposals of the participants, or decided in advance and briefly introduced a discussion moved led by a facilitator to try to treat it philosophically from exchanges present. It is therefore neither a current nor a lecture followed by questions, but debate where everyone can express themselves.

Philo coffee opponents see it as the consecration of the opinion of the "cave" of Plato (doxology), confusing discuss and philosophize between philosophy and democracy, concepts and "social issues" with the possible excesses of psychologizing and sophistry. Its proponents postulate the contrary, in a democratic perspective, "the philosophical educability" of all, and defend the opportunity to learn to philosophize discussing a collective work of critical prejudices. Hence the importance for the group, beyond usability and the right of expression of each, share a philosophical aim, ie problematization efforts, conceptualization and rational argument: it is the role of the responsible philo cafes to ensure this.

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