Seeds for a Future/Semillas Para el Futuro

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1233 Tanglewood Road
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About Us

Founded in 2007, the primary mission of Seeds for a Future is to help rural villagers in Guatemala fight against malnutrition and change their lives from subsistence to sustainable success. In Guatemala, where malnutrition affects more than 60 percent of poor rural children, the most important measures of prosperity are improved nutrition and improved family income, both of which require helping families learn new skills and ideas. We work in three main program areas: 

  • Food security and nutrition via family gardens and intensive in-home coaching
  • Crop diversification and reforestation, including better farming practices and soil conservation
  • Community Learning Center for children and adults including a computer lab.

We are proud of our all-local staff which provides a model of teamwork, leadership, democratic principles and cooperation for common and community goals, and demonstrates knowledge sharing and mutual respect for all ages and genders.

For more information on Seeds/Semillas, check our Facebook page and our Global Giving page where you will find the details of two of Seeds' projects, "Fighting Malnutrition in Rural Guatemala" and "Healthy Kitchens and Cooking for Nutrition."  In addition to a detailed description, each project has photos, videos and field reports to give you a real sense of our activities and the people we are privileged to work with.