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About Us

Since our founding in 1961, the American Littoral Society's mission has been to empower people to care for the coast. We achieve this through conservation, education and advocacy programs.

In our advocacy, the Littoral Society educates decision makers about the impact of their decisions on the health of coastal habitat and life connecting them, communities and wildlife about the values of coastal areas. Our conservation work spans broadly and is restorative and regenerative. We invite and motivate community members, businesses and corporations to enegage in 'boot-on-the beach' programs to clean beaches to resotre them to pristine conditions, replant dune grass and rebuild oyster reefs. The Littoral Society invest with our memebrs, donros and constituencies into the coast and to become stewards.

From the classroom in front of a computer, people can become interested in the coast; standing knee deep in sea foam with sand between their toes, people can develop a passion for the coast. It is to this end that we work on many levels, from the halls of Congress, to the classroom, and in caring for the wildlife to achieve a real human connection to all coasts worldwide to make a difference.