Developing Communities Inc

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About Us

Developing Communities, Inc. is a small, but active non-profit organization based in Marina, CA, with a commitment to work in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua. The largest country in Central America, Nicaragua is also the second poorest nation in the region. A brutal civil war, devastating natural calamities, and severe political conflicts have played havoc with Nicaragua's stability, creating extreme poverty, unemployment, and huge external debt.

Developing Communities, Inc.'s mission is to enhance the quality of life of Nicaraguans by implementing sustainable development projects through local partnerships. Actively collaborating with community members throughout the project cycle leads to greater access to choices, resulting in improved economic, social and environmental conditions. Our unique development approach generates powerful results. First, we partner only with communities that have invited us to work with them, and that are prepared to participate in the planning, implementation and ongoing maintenance of projects. Since we channel much of our energies into creating and implementing multiple projects in each community, we are able to leverage local resources on a broad scale. This also allows us to build and cultivate lasting relationships with community members, local governmental and non-governmental organizations.