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About Us

City Prep Academies (CPA) is a Charter Management Organization focused on promoting academic achievement, innovation and excellence education. The mission of CPA is to create schools that empower underserved middle and high school students in urban areas to succeed in college, careers and community. CPA schools will foster a model that demonstrates what can happen in high school transformation when a innovative & rigorous instructional program, high expectations for all stakeholders, personalized relationships, student participation and development, effective management, and a relentless attention to accountability on all levels intersect. CPA has a clear focus on student achievement and outcomes leading to graduation and successful entry into higher education opportunities, reinforcing the school's strong college-going culture.

A not-for-profit organization, CPA is committed to managing and encouraging the development of quality charter middle & high schools, which serve traditionally, underserved communities and student populations. Due to the intense incubation and management of all CPA schools, each school has the opportunity to benefit from exceptional management expertise, reach financial sustainable, be well supported and allowed to focus on quality and results for students.

City Prep Academies’ Four Distinguishing Features: • Blended learning: Blending facilitated on-line and traditional in class instruction as a platform for differentiated instruction and customized learning • Project-based learning: Cultivating students’ 21st century skills through experiential project-based learning • Internships: Providing opportunities for real world application of skills and knowledge learned in class while exploring possible career options and developing work place readiness • Pathways to College and Careers – Increasing college readiness by offering opportunities to visit college campuses, enroll in college classes, accumulate college credit and experience college level success while in HS