International Solidarity for African Union

Durban, ZN, South Africa

About Us

The International Solidarity for African Union (ISAU) was founded in June 2004 to promote solidarity amongst all Africans & contributing positively toward the economy through a sound collaboration between foreign nationals and local people to find the solution to the main problems of the country in which they dwell.   The International Solidarity for African Union is registered with the South African Department of Social Development since October 23rd 2006.  The International Solidarity for African Union was granted the status of Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) Registration# 930043778 in term of the section 30(3) of the Tax Act No 58 of 1962 (the Act) & Tax Deductible organisation in term of Section 18A(1)(a) of the Act & Exempt from the Donation Tax in terms of Section 56(1)(h) of the Income Tax Act. Exemption from the payment of Estate Duty in terms of the Section 4(h) of the Estate Duty Act No. 45 of 1955,    The INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY FOR AFRICAN UNION for the past 12 years has successfully achieved the following projects:
- Feeding scheme every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - Participated actively to the World Conference of Religions for the Millennium Development Goals 2006
- Active Member of KZN Network on Violence Against Women and thus lobbying for women rights and gender equity (2005-2009)
- Contributed to elaborate the South African Charter of Victims of Crime with the Department of Justice & Constitutional Development
- Active member of Durban Network of Service Providers to Refugee and thus lobbying for refugee rights, participating in World Refugee Day (2006-2009)
- Trained for HIV/AIDS & TB Counselling by Soul City & UNHCR (October 2007)
- We are registered in the KZN HIV – related Services Directorate, working with HIV911 & its partners to tackle the HIV pandemic.
- French language course to the Department of Home Affairs employees from KZN Province (2006) absolutely free of charge,
- Trained as IOM Certified trainer for Counter-Human Trafficking programme (Pretoria -2007)
- Organized Capacity building workshops on counter-human trafficking for South African Civil society organisation
- Participated in 2008 to the Conference on South African Domestic Violence Act, Theme: “Lesson from a Decade of Legislation & Implementation” organized by CSVR.
- 2009, trained as Trainer & facilitator on the UN Methodology called: “Community Capacity Enhancement (CCE)” to conduct in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation research & Community Dialogue in various parts of the country for resolution of conflicts & social coercion.
The International Solidarity is actually writing an essay on how to cut down the crime in South Africa through promotion of Moral & Civic Education.


The organisation’s main objectives are to:
- Promote basic Civic Education & Constructive Patriotism amongst the youths
- To feed, shelter the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (O.V.C)
- To provide basic health education to all regarding STD/HIV/AIDS & TB and basic counselling skills.
- Provide accurate Capacity Building trainings in Counter Human Trafficking (long experience with International Organisation for Migration (IOM))
- Conduct community dialogue to resolve conflicts (years of experience with the Mandela Foundation)
- Research and promote cultural talents amongst the rural youths
- Recruit and enroll qualified residents & refugees into volunteer hands-on skills transfer program to empower rural youths.
- Law Clinic for community
- Recruit volunteer from all over the world to assist in any possible way to reaching our objectives.
- To work in collaboration with other organisations which mainly deal with health transformation and education prevent use of dangerous substances, drugs, alcohol… etc, as well as the addiction to them.
- Assist the OVCs & the Elderly to apply & receive necessary grants due to them. Fundraise to sponsor education of disadvantaged rural citizen as well as to assist small organisation with similar objectives.
The International Solidarity for African Union (ISAU) was founded in June 2004 to promote solidarity amongst all Africans & contributing positively toward the economy through a sound collaboration between foreign…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Volunteering


  • 202 Sydenham Heights, 10 Rippon Road, Durban, ZN None, South Africa
    Durban 4091, South Africa

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