Development Institute for Scientific Research, Health & Agriculture

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To promote employment schemes, fringe and cooperative schemes among the people.

To educate the youth on family welfare, population control, protection of environment, etc.

To facilitate different developmental programmes such as land development, watershed management, preservation of forests, social forestry etc.

To promote and facilitate establishment of village committees, women associations and youth forums for active participation in the planning and implementation of all rural development programmes.

To motivate and involve youth to identify and help eradicate social evils like dowry, bonded labour, untouchabiiity, alcoholism, illiteracy, etc. in order to create a new social order with greater freedom and justice.

To conduct socio-economic development programmes for the rural poor.

To undertake training programmes on agriculture, education, health, sanitation, healthcare, housing, family counselling, drug de-addiction, income generation, micro credit and small scale enterprises.

To promote environment, education, gender training, abolition of child labour, women and child development programmes for their all round development.

To establish orphanage, old age homes and rehabilitation centres for the distressed women.

To undertake micro credit management and S.H.G. promotion for the welfare of poor women

Company Overview

What does it take to thrive in a world governed by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution? How do we tackle the growing divide between the technologically advanced developed nations and the developing countries?

Development Institute for Scientific Research, Health & Agriculture (DISHA) believes that it is education in ICT, environment, agriculture and health to the poor children and youth living in the developing countries that can bridge the digital divide.

The demand for highly skilled people is increasing and this has given rise to the need for creating a pool of skilled workforce in the developing world. DISHA aims at training the vast manpower available in developing countries to take advantage of the technological growth.