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About Us

who we are HopeSparks is recognized as a leader in Pierce County in the field of counseling, eating disorder recovery therapy services, early education, and support for families in crisis. More than 7,000 individuals turn to our agency in moments of need each year. In some cases, the services we provide save lives. Our Mission The mission of HopeSparks, a non-profit, human service agency located in Pierce County, Washington is to strengthen families by inspiring courage and confidence to make a lasting change. Our Vision HopeSparks is the first choice of people seeking creative and caring service. We are a leader in providing dynamic, innovative and effective solutions to the challenges facing children, adults and families in Washington. In partnership with the people we serve, HopeSparks staff, volunteers and board members are united in our commitment to provide high quality services through continuous improvement of our professional capabilities and delivery of services. Our Core Values HopeSparks conducts and assesses all of its operations and programs in accordance with the following core values:

• The infinite worth of each person: Each person is a unique and valuable creation. • Diversity: HopeSparks values diversity in its staff and volunteers as in those we serve. • Interdependence: Through partnerships we gain insight into our community's needs. • Excellence: We strive for excellence in each of our unique programs. • Innovation: Our evolving society calls for creativity in every aspect of our work.