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1907 Beatrice Ave, Edinburg,
United States

About Us

Shalom is God’s dream materialized when the human spirit humbly volunteered to be His instrument. It was originally founded by Mr.Benny Punnathara in 1989, under the great inspiration and guidance from our Lord. It started as a small prayer group in a remote village in the state of Kerala, India, and over the past years,grew in size and services, focusing mainly on gospel through media. Now, the ministries of shalom include intercession, publications,television channel, and media training school. As there are no ends to the possibilities of God, Shalom continues to grow under the guidance of the Lord at every step.

Shalom Television, broadcasted in Malayalam (Native language of Kerala, India), became available in USA, two years ago, indented for the keralites residing in USA. Shalom Media Inc, USA is a nonprofitable organization registered under US Government. Shalom’s vision and prayer is, to let God’s love touch and transform the hearts of the people in this country.