Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets

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1609 19th Ave
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About Us

PSKS supports homeless and at-risk youth and young adults to become empowered to lead positive and self-sufficient lives.

Connect with a welcoming and caring community.

Ensure basic survival needs are met.

Provide access to education, employment, and housing stability.

Amplify youth voices to influence decision makers.

PSKS was founded in 1995 homeless youth who wanted their voices to be heard by policy makers unaware of the impact of their decisions. With this bottom up approach, PSKS found its niche—empowering youth who are too often excluded from mainstream services.

At the heart of PSKS is CORE Membership— a governing body giving voice and power for youth to influence organizational programs and policies.

Youth at PSKS develop a sense of ownership and pride in being engaged to end personal and community homelessness. This approach has earned PSKS credibility as an effective ally among those we serve.