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About Us

The University of Spirituality is an online resource for information and guidance regarding Spirituality. The University of Spirituality reinforces the concept of a university without walls and extends it to the process of constructing a new global community through the process of enhanced awareness and developing our individual spirituality. Our mission is to educate humanity on the importance that individual spirituality plays in our lives. The individual spirit is a vital quality that we all have and a well spring of unrealized potential. We encourage independent thinking, creativity, action and new leadership with moral, ethical and spiritual ideological values. Spirituality forms the basis for right human relations across the globe. We can all reach out to help make this world a better place by reaching within ourselves for strength, guidance and healing. We advocate spiritual values and spiritual responsibility, thereby adding to the collective whole and to help bridge the gap between all peoples of the Earth. A peaceful world is possible when Universal Spirituality takes center stage.