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About Us

As the world edges closer to the brink of a nuclear conflict, which will end life on our planet, with failing political solutions, people of the world will need to come together to prevent it and solve the enormous challenges facing us all today before it’s too late. Everyone and the environment are impacted by the growing threat of nuclear war and the devastating consequences of senseless violence, regardless of financial status, religion or ethnicity. We’re dedicated to carrying on the work of Gandhi and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. by advancing the cause of peace and non-violence, because our ability to co-exist is the one condition of survival in a nuclear age.

We believe that what is happening among nations is a reflection of the dynamics between individuals. We believe that through personal transformation it’s possible to stimulate global transformation leading to true peace and prosperity for all. This goal can be achieved by leveraging the power of music, celebrities and the media. To this end we’ve created a global peace and nonviolence campaign called Operation Healing for the World & Giving with the Stars featuring a benefit CD with the proceeds to be donated to victims of war-torn countries and natural disasters in a collaborative effort with major reputable nonprofit organizations. For additional information including a compelling music video visit In addition, we’ve been creating other campaigns such as Operation Spiritual Relief and founded The Spirit Club mobilizing community, business and spiritual leaders to inspire giving and social activism in the spirit of making a living while making a difference.

We are dedicated to putting an end to senseless violence, restoring peace and preserving the environment. Our vision is to cultivate a new generation of constructive and peace-loving people who are productive members of society and future leaders.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” - Albert Einstein