Karen E. Mumford Cancer Foundation

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About Us

The Karen E. Mumford Cancer Foundation (K.E.M.) was founded to assist current cancer suffers and to support research and cancer awareness throughout the general public.

Founder, Nathan Mumford, was inspired to create this foundation after surviving two separate bouts with cancer along with losing his mother to the disease in 2005. Wholly crediting his own survival to the close nit family of friends who rallied around him and supported him throughout his ordeal, Nathan understands the overall implication of this support. It was from this realization that the spirit of the Karen E. Mumford Cancer Foundation was borne. The mission and purpose of the foundation is to relieve the day to day stress so that those battling this disease can have many of the basic financial concerns relieved so that they can better battle their ailment.,

The Karen E. Mumford Cancer Foundation is organized in three main areas:

  • Education - providing critical information to cancer patients and their loved ones.
  • Financial - providing resources to take care of non-medical emergency situations
  • Community - sponsor community events that reach out to cancer individuals and provide them with a day free of stress (Karen cares Program)