Community Agroecology Network (CAN)

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About Us

The Community Agroecology Network (CAN) is an international network committed to sustaining rural livelihoods and environments by integrating collaborative research, education, and locally informed development strategies. Together with our local partner organizations, we promote food security and sovereignty in rural communities through agroecological farming practices; local control over food production, distribution, and consumption; alternative trade models; and the empowerment of local and Indigenous youth and women in the leadership of these initiatives.

Our work is both regional and global, with projects and activities in Mexico, Central America, and the United States, and our international agroecology shortcourse, which has trained hundreds of farmers, researchers, and community leaders from around the world. CAN is a learning organization where the staff works as a team to develop alternative networks that promote environmental and social justice. We are all engaged in the learning process and collaborate with our partner organizations, affiliated researchers and university students in ways that develop our knowledge and skills.