Ponies And Kids

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5534 N 150 W
West Lafayette
United States

About Us

Ponies and Kids provide activities involving horses. We deliver life skills, relationship and character building skills like no other, along with being fun!! Being involved with a horse helps youth develop a strong work ethic. Because horses require a work commitment besides just riding. Youth develop an attitude and a sense of responsibility that pervades all of their life and not just their sense of self at the barn. Youth who who ride at PAK commit to help with chores, feeding, mucking, and mentoring younger students.. It is not our style to coddle our youth. Here at PAK our youth are expected to take the time and energy to care for our horses as if they are their own. This includes barn projects and activities. It is our desire to help youth equip themselves as well as empower and encourage them to become strong, mature, and positive individuals. Our youth are here to get dirty, be physical, and work hard. We hope to bring youth out from in front of the TV, off the couch, and away from the technology of today. Horses and ponies instill responsibility, work ethic, and empathy the youth in our community.