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About Us

About Afya

The Afya Foundation is a non-profit medical supply recovery organization. We rescue unused medical supplies and equipment from hospitals, nursing homes, corporations, and individuals in the greater NYC area to support ongoing health initiatives worldwide. Vast amounts of consumable supplies as well as durable equipment are discarded every day due to strict health regulations, system upgrades, planned obsolescence and a myriad of other reasons. We sort and categorize these supplies to support urgent needs in conjunction with our well-established partners worldwide. At the same time, we also maintain a robust inventory that is poised for agile disaster response efforts.

The Afya Foundation, a leader and unique amongst other non-profit organizations, takes pride in its expertise in three specific areas:

  1. Improving the quality of and access to healthcare in communities with urgent needs for supplies. 
  2. Providing hospitals with a socially responsible and environmentally green mechanism to divert surplus materials from our landfills.
  3. Providing unique, structured and meaningful opportunities for local volunteers to engage and contribute to improving global health.

In the past 10 years Afya has worked in more than 75 nations, and has delivered more than 8 million pounds worth approximately $34 million of donated medical supplies, equipment and humanitarian provisions to some of the most underserved people in the world. Without Afya, these materials would have been slated for landfill. As part of our emergency relief program, Afya has sent 3 million pounds of emergency supplies to Haiti, Japan, Pakistan, Greece, Syria, and Puerto Rico following the occurrence of severe natural disasters. Our reliability and efficiency have led to partnerships with other organizations that represent program excellence in the international healthcare sector. The access to 2,500 volunteers each year enables Afya to coordinate and mobilize tens of thousands of donated volunteer hours spent sorting and packing supplies for urgently needed shipments. This helps us to serve as the most cost effective rapid responder. Finally, the Afya Foundation is particularly nimble and operates without the limiting bureaucratic factors that many large organizations face when responding to vital needs worldwide.