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The Mission Statement 

The University strives to promote excellence by providing quality, academic teaching, training, research and relevant community programs within the context of sustainable development, emphasizing social conscience and democratic values in a free civil Palestinian society. In addition to providing students with the opportunity to realize their educational ambitions, the University aims to empower students to be productive citizens and active members of their community.  It is the policy of the university to promote free expression and interaction among students, teachers, and the surrounding community.

Hebron University (HU) continues to play a central role in developing our most valuable national resource, our young men and women. New graduate and undergraduate programs in information technology, science, social policies, pharmacy, law,finance and management are being developed to help meet this objective.

Hebron University Mission:

- To provide students with high quality education.

- To advance knowledge and to solve local community problems through scientific research.

- To contribute to the development and improvement of the cultural, social and economic status of the Palestinian society.

- To provide higher education opportunities for underprivileged student