Chelsea School

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711 Pershing Drive
Silver Spring
United States

About Us

For over 35 years, Chelsea School has prepared students with language-based learning disabilities for higher education. Most of our students have a disability that affects their acquisition of basic reading, writing, and math skills. Additionally, a number of our students have deficits in executive functioning. Our mission is to prepare our students for higher education by providing a school that embeds literacy remediation, technology, and creative teaching practices in all aspects of the curriculum.

At Chelsea School, all students receive targeted remediation in reading through our three-tier program. Students are grouped in classes that focus on their specific needs: sound-symbol recognition and decoding, fluency, and comprehension. The rigorous academic program at Chelsea School includes classes in higher level math, science, and technology. Students have the option to choose from three advanced technologies pathways for graduation: computer graphics, information systems management, and television production.

Chelsea School also offers a well-balanced educational program that includes after-school enrichment opportunities through various sports and clubs. To prepare students for life after Chelsea, all students complete individualized transition programs based on Maryland’s Career Development Content standards. Over 90% of our graduates attend college or a post-secondary educational program. Our middle and high school programs are approved for funding by Maryland and District of Columbia departments of education.