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About Us

Bikewithme: Cycle together and discover new places.

We are long time passionate bikers who realised there was not a single dedicated online platform to find social biking rides, meet new cycling mates and get guided by locals who can show you their favourite rides and routes. Thus we set out to create such a platform and after investing a lot of effort we released

Cycling enables you to explore new places, to socialize, to be fit and to have fun. A cycling culture positively impacts the world due to the social benefits of cycling in terms of health and reduction of congestion, emissions, acoustic pollution…

However a barrier many people face to get on a bike is that they would like to do it with others but wonder how to find them. Linking up with other riders is a key factor that enables to transcend cultural and political borders: biking together for a better world.

Our vision is to have cyclists around the globe using our platform available in five languages (English, German, Spanish, French and Italian) and more are on the way.

Behind the website is a non-profit association based in Zürich and the work of many enthusiastic volunteers. The website has been self-produced and financially supported with donations.  

As a Swiss nonprofit association, we would strongly appreciate the support from your organization.

Please ask me if you have any further questions and I hope that you will help us in our project.


Latest Listings

International Volunteers for Cycling Website (Bikewithme). (Volunteer Opportunity)

International Volunteers for Cycling Website (Bikewithme). (Volunteer Opportunity)