ArtWorks for Freedom

  • District of Columbia


4000 Cathedral Avenue Northwest
District of Columbia
United States

About Us

ArtWorks for Freedom uses the power of art in the global fight against modern slavery and human trafficking. Through diverse forms of artistic expression and in partnership with governments, human rights organizations and the private sector, we seek to build awareness, inspire anti-trafficking action and give voice to survivors of this crime against humanity, ultimately contributing to its eradication.

Our goals are to:

  • Illuminate the breadth, complexity and persistence of modern slavery.
  • Inspire global action, at all levels of society.
  • Focus attention and stimulate dialogue to unleash creativity and imagination.
  • Build an alliance of creative artist-activists whose work supports our mission.
  • Give voice to those who have suffered from the corrosive effects of enslavement and trafficking.
  • Help survivors to find dignity, freedom and justice.

ArtWorks for Freedom is not a single film, a single photo exhibit, or a single theatre piece about human trafficking. ArtWorks for Freedom is an aggregation--at a very high artistic level--of many "arts events" during a concentrated period of time. This aggregation serves to intensify the focus and shine a bright light on this dark societal issue that many people aren’t aware of or don't want to acknowledge.

The artworks have the power to spark dialogue, awareness, empathy and, ultimately, action. The sub-text is to unleash creativity and imagination in the fight to end modern slavery. We want to appeal to consumers, lawyers, businesses, health professionals, teachers, youth, governments, policy-makers, employers — all those who have the power to make change happen in their own lives and for others.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." -- Dalai Lama