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About Us

I represent Worldwide Sustainable and Ecological Solutions group we provide practical support through our professionals and student volunteers to community charities and small NGO’s. In underdeveloped regions of the world we are currently supporting  groups in Sub-Saharan Africa and one in India with many more seeking our help. These projects vary from clean water/sanitation projects in India and Africa to quite innovative projects in Sub-Saharan Africa which include: a cleaner/ efficient stove, sustainable energy, sustainable agriculture, safe guarding biodiversity/forests, turning waste materials into briquettes, recycling, education/ training, conservation and job creation, fisheries and aquaculture.  The WSES group are not funders we rely on sponsors to provide our support.  Our sole purpose is to provide project advice help in seeking funding and practical support by providing volunteers, experts in various fields and project managers if requested. Further information regarding these projects can be obtained From the WSES group or if you prefer you can contact the local charity leaders direct. Contact details available on your request.     Any funds allocated  to theses charities will go direct to them and not through the WSES group.   The WSES group is a relatively new multi-national multi-disciplined organisation consisting of like minds individuals and small environmental groups.  We do not have any offices as we prefare to use any potential funding we acquire on providing support.    Thank you on behalf of WSES and the charities we are endeavouring to support for taking the time to read this email.