Heartland Local Food Network

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About Us

In order to promote a vibrant community and personal wellbeing, the Heartland Local Food Network (HLFN) will use public outreach, community partnerships, and policy education to nurture a dynamic local food system, one that is: Sustainable: HLFN embraces responsible practices that are ecologically and economically sound, including activities that reflect stewardship for the land and create opportunities for family-owned or community-based farms. Local: HLFN supports a food network that is as local as possible. This approach strengthens the connection between producers and consumers, allows more money and resources to remain in the region, adds character to area businesses and the community as a whole, and helps residents appreciate the land and natural processes while reducing the environmental effects of food production. Ethical: HLFN recognizes the importance of informed personal choice and social justice in creating a diverse, thriving community. Its activities will help consumers understand social issues related to food and economics, work to increase access to healthy local food for all area residents, and use food as a vehicle for social and cultural growth.