Enstiti Travay Sosyal & Syans Sosyal/ The Institute of Social Work & Social Science (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

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About Us

The Institute of Social Work and Social Science was founded in 2011 to provide undergraduate social work and social science training. We offer a BSW and MSW in Social Work as well as undergraduate and graduate programs in Social Science including Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, and Political Science. A Haitian Creole program is also offered for students who wish to complete intensive coursework in Haitian Creole language. The Creole Language Institute is designed for researchers, students and development workers who anticipate depending on Haitian Creole as their primary means of communication.

ETS is entirely volunteer-led. Volunteer professors, professional skills instructors, language teachers, and administrators cooperate to provide a high quality educational experience grounded in the needs and realities of Haitian university students. Because we are volunteer-led, ETS is able to provide affordable degree programs for students from diverse backgrounds.

Volunteers live in comfortable housing and have the opportunity to learn Creole, conduct research, and further their own education if desired, making this the ideal volunteer opportunity for graduate students, professionals, and educators.