Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund

  • California

About Us

The Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund (Equity Fund) develops strategies and collaborations, aligns resources, and makes grants, to build grassroots power and win on climate change and clean energy. The Equity Fund is advancing a sustained, multi-year, multi-state initiative to:

·      Advance Climate and Clean Energy Equity Solutions

·      Broaden the Base of the Climate Movement

·      Build Grassroots Electoral Power and Infrastructure

The Equity Fund’s goal is to build powerful organizations working in communities of color, low-income communities, and communities impacted by climate change, to advance bold actions that address climate change and accelerate the transition to a just and equitable clean energy future in select states. Through its grantmaking and other strategies, the Equity Fund:

·      Strengthens the capacity of organizations in key states to organize and educate a powerful grassroots base and build large-scale civic engagement programs;

·      Develops the policy capacity of organizations to develop, assess, and advance climate and clean energy equity policies;

·      Supports the development of climate and clean energy equity focused coalitions with the capacity to design, implement, and win strategic campaigns;

·      Develops strategies to collaborate and align with partners – including networks, coalitions, funders, and donors – to accelerate progress on climate and clean energy solutions in target states;

·      Supports the development of state and national infrastructure to fill strategic gaps and strengthen the field.

The Equity Fund is a collaboration of several foundations and individual donors who are pooling their resources to fill this critical need. The Equity Fund was originally established as the Climate Education Fund, a project of the Democracy Alliance, and is now an independent organization and fiscally sponsored by the New Venture Fund.